The Experience

With your marriage you are creating a new family, and your wedding photographs are the first chapter in your new family story.

LaCour photographers draw on their extensive storytelling experience to create a portfolio of images that document your wedding celebration.

Rather than direct the events, LaCour photographers discreetly react to your story as it naturally unfolds throughout the day. By focusing on the bride and the groom, their emotions, and their relationships with family and friends, the photographs transcend a literal record of your event and allow you to relive your wedding day as it truly happened.

The photographs also lay the foundation for your family legacy, as future generations view the images and experience your wedding celebration. As they turn the album pages, they will experience the mother's love as she embraces her daughter; the father's pride as his daughter clutches his arm, waiting to walk down the aisle; and the bride's joy as she and her groom share their first dance.

And they will feel like they were there.

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